Sissy’s Assignment ~ A Day at the Salon

"Sissy's Day at the Salon"

So this week my Sissy has an appointment that I made for him at a local salon next to his work. He will be getting a paraffin hand treatment, a manicure and a full Brazilian wax. He has an event coming up this weekend so he wanted to look and feel his best and what better way to feel feminized then with a Sissy’s Assignment ~ A Day at the Salon!  He is very excited and nervous at the same time. He hopes to be the talk of the Salon. I reassured him that people in this industry generally have no issues with sissies. After all they are in the beauty business and the beauty industry is generally very open-minded to eccentric people and alternative life styles. I know this was the general consensus for me when I attended cosmetology school and still today when I enjoy a Day at the Salon. 

He was not certain what he would say or what she would say to him, so to make him feel more at ease I instructed him to strike up the conversation by asking the manicurist “If she enjoyed Feminizing men?” I also instructed him that he could ask, “If she ever practiced new hair or nail techniques on her male friends or brother?” Many practicing artist are always in need of a willing subject to practice their art on so gender is seldom the issue. So I felt these questions might help them to engage in a conversation much to my sissies liking and he will get that subtle but humiliating exposure he is hoping for. Now while he gets his Brazilian wax, there maybe no need for conversation what so ever, as his tiny pee pee will tell all. I have a suspicion that his very exciting Sissy Assignment ~ A Day at the Salon ~ will be the conversation piece of the week.

Mizz Rebecca

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